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2013 - I'm back! Look back at 2012

So I've decided that I'm going to be more efficient with my online accounts and not slack. So to start with a review of 2012

What was the best thing that happened to me in 2012?
There have been a few things that happened in 2012, getting a new permanent job was definitely something that happened to me and was a major change for me. Its strange because I remember this time last year (I started my job in Jan 2012) being so excited and enthusiastic about my new job yet now I'm so deflated and have already several times contemplated about leaving.
The other thing that happened, though it didn't happen to me necessarily was seeing my friend get married - it was an amazing wedding very unique and so much fun.

What did I do in 2012 that I'm really proud of?
Sadly I can't remember what I have done to be proud of, I know I have helped a few people in my job but thats because it is part of my job. 

Who did I really help?
I think I helped my mum alot in 2012 - its strange even though I still ask for her help or advice she does now ask me a lot for my opinion - its nice to know that she does consider me and factors me in any major changes but that she appreciates that I do have my own opinion.
I've also helped many a stray cat! 
Who do I need to thank and acknowledge for having been there for me?
My Mum again shes been really helpful and supporting of me. 
Also my work colleagues were there for me when I was new in my job, there have been a few times when I have found it tough at work but when a colleague comes over with a cup of tea and a chocolate bar then I know that I have some true supporting people working around me.

What are the top three lessons I learnt?
Take life as it comes 
Never Plan Ahead
Its My Life - no-one else's so why should I take any notice of what someone else thinks of how I live my life/what I do.

What increased my happiness and joy in 2012?
Going to Scotland and seeing the Panda and Madonna - it was the start of what I hope to be me travelling on my own, I'm hoping soon I'll be confident to travel to a foreign speaking country by myself! ekk
My friends wedding... okay  it was amazing I loved that everyone was there and that everything went perfectly.
My cousin having her baby! 

What did I get through that was really tough?
Losing my cat Thalia, she was so beautiful and she was obviously the favourite she was the adorable little girlie cat who would be quiet and sleep on my bed and even cuddle up to me. It was the hardest thing ever and I still miss her now - I think I always will, she was taken away too soon :(

What did I avoid that I must pay more attention to in 2013?
I have been avoiding purchasing a wardrobe for all my clothes! Which I am in the process of ordering, just need to make sure that the design of the wardrobe is exactly what I want in my bedroom. Then I will have to re-arrange and get new furniture and carpet for my bedroom 

What character trait did I develop most in 2012?
I think I've learnt to understand people a lot more, to accept them as they are and not build up expectations.

What new people did I meet in 2012 that are now in my life?
My new work colleagues, some old work colleagues that have become good friends such as Amelia who has introduced me to a whole other circle of friends. I also try to keep in contact with all my other friends.


Top 20 Movie Soundtrack Moments

So I've decided to undertake one of these countdown things... you know like top 10 actress/ top 10 films. Having read through my journal posts though I noticed that I only touched on a few songs from soundtracks that I like.
So I thought why not do a rundown on my favourite soundtrack moments in movies!
Some movies I have watched haven't been a masterpiece but the music has...Not all clips will be classic movies and not all songs will be an orchestra piece of classical music.
I've decided on 20!
Now to pick them!

I <3 these tracks...

At the moment i am loving film soundtracks, they always hold tracks that you wouldn't hear anywhere else plus they are so full of emotion and its great listening and being able to visualize certain scenes being acted out.
I have discovered so many different types of bands and music through films soundtracks. 
So far for chillin out and calming down I love to listen to Sigar Ros The Nothing Song which is from Vanilla Sky (which wasn't the best re-make/film in the world i know) the music from this film is impeccable its rather long as well. See posted youtube of ending of Vanilla Sky the music is Sigar Ros.
Vanilla Sky Ending - Sigar Ros Nothing Song
The next choice is my absolute favourite film soundtrack... since like EVER. I adored the film its so underrated and it blew me away in the cinema. It was the Fountain. I adore adore this film everything about it and one of the reasons is because of the emotionally orchestrated use of music, i could listen to it forever and everytime i do i always feel a tinge of sadness. One of the tracks i've posted is Stay with me. Clint Mansell (the man responsible for the score) is a genius.
There are spoilers so beware
The Fountain Stay with Me Remixed
The Fountain music video

My next choice is a song which is simple and always makes me feel romantic, and its from the Cruel Intentions Soundtrack. It has to be the most beautiful bittersweet and romantic song ever. The Counting Crows Colorblind. I adore this song and I adore both Reese and Ryan in Cruel Intentions their on-off screen chemistry really did make the film so SO much better than what it could of been.
Cruel Intentions - Colorblind  

So thats all from me I'm sure i'll post some more on here about films, music and everything else

P!NK Concert: Review and Photos

So me and my friend went to see P!nk on May 4th this year!! She has been someone that i've always wanted to see her voice is so nice and rocky and the girl has edge.  To be honest I wasn't expecting it to be as spectacle as it was, i've never really seen many of her concerts and i didn't look at many of the spoilers.
I was also very wary of the setlist she was gonna perform 5 cover version all of which were good i thought it might of been overkill but i loved all the songs that she performed!

It kicked off with a video of P!nk the rebel riding round on a motorcycle going with AC/DC Highway to Hell... then she opened the show with Bad influence. To which she twirled up in the air with a mass of feathers trailing down.

I won't go through the whole concert I'll review the highlights and the postive things and any negative (and there is none maybe the transport but that wasn't too bad it was worth the hassle)

The highlights are as follows the many trapaze and twirls in the air that P!nk did

L - R: Bad Influence and Sober. Below Get this party started

*I loved her cover of Babe I'm Gonna Leave You by Led Zepplin, it was definetly the best cover version out of the whole night
*Sober was great really well thought out and choregraphed with the ballet at the beginning in black and white then P!nk doing the trapeze act, it was like a story being acted out on stage.
*Herself - was great there was loads of interaction with the audience and she definetly is a great character lots of jokes altogether comes across as such a humble person with a great personality.
*The ending was awesome with countdown and the goregous Glitter-fest (i do love glitter me) song of Glitter in the Air, glitter and petals were everywhere on stage, again she hangs up in the air at the end onto 3 people who appeared to be shaped like a chandelier-esq form lol.

Low points
*There were none, maybe could of cut some of the covers - I touch myself slow cover didn't seem to get the crowd going, was maybe too slow would of loved to have seen one of her songs take its place. That was probably be it.  


There was a certain time in the 90s when there were many new female  singers/songwriters that were quite similar but all very talented. I loved LOVED them all!! All had decent success in the UK.
These are the singers i am referring to.

Lene Marlin

First heard of the song Unforgivable Sinner which was catchy but never knew who the singer was until she had a smash with Sitting Down Here.
Last seen - Haven't seen her since... :-S In fact on youtube it is pretty much like she is unknown hardly any videos of any old or recent singles.
Wikipedia notes - Is currently recording 4th album has written a song for Rihanna entitled "Good Girl Gone Bad"

Michelle Branch

First heard of her... on music channels her first single, alot of the talk was about the fact that she had been signed to Madonna's warner label. Everywhere was a mild success in the UK, All You Wanted was always played on music channels but hardly made an impact on UK charts. Goodbye to you however, was more of a fan favourite when played on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and is used on many fan fic videos.
My favourite - Are you Happy Now
Last seen - On One tree Hill as part of a duo called The Wreckers, which was more of a country sound a bit of a difference to Michelle's previous records
Wikipedia notes - Has returned recently to a solo career and released album "Everything comes and goes" 
Is currently working on a collaboration with Marion Raven
Vanessa Carlton

Probably the most successful female artist out of the three and whilst the other 2 play guitar this one plays piano really well. A Thousand Miles a big success, her first single in the UK and her only biggest single in the UK
Last seen:- ummm not just recently
Wikipedia notes :- Has a 4th album coming out in the US, worked with Linda Perry on her 3rd album (who famously worked with P!nk).  Supported Stevie Nicks on her 2005 US tour
Behold... My Future
  I will marry Noel Fielding.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Rome in our fabulous House.  
  We will have 17 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a Yellow Corvette.
  I will spend my days as a Accountant, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

OMG I wanna see now!!!

Apparently Marley and me is no.1 in the US. A lovely film based upon Josh Grogan memoirs of his naughty dog Marley it stars Owen Wilson as Josh Grogan and *sighs* Jennifer Aniston <3 as Jennifer Grogan BUT we don't get to see it in the UK til March!!!! Am well dissapointed i just wanna see it now!! My mum who hasn't been to the cinemas for ages cos apparently it doesn't appeal to her now wants to go purely to see this film.
Everything about this film though would have been perfect for release at Christmas time the whole marketing of the film is geared up for a Christmas no.1 so why WHY??? didn't they decide to do the same for us UK people over here I swear it was a missed opportunity cos whats the bet it would of got a US and a UK no.1
But meanwhile I'll get my Aniston fix in Feburary although she is not top billing as there are too many star names to content with getting top billing its all kinda a massive cast list therefore its not as exciting as say Marley and Me or Wanted which will never happen as it seems too much of a dream to have a film with Jennifer and Meryl Streep together.

Writer's Block: Use Your Power

Our holiday gift to you: the question submitted most often to Writer's Block—if you could have a superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?
Ok my superhero would have to be to bend time... to go forward and backwards... forget all the rubbish about not being able to change time pah... i would do it constantly therefore changing the world hopefully into one that was better.

My Personal Year in Review 2008

- What was the best thing that happened to me this year?
Oh so many things especially my friends at uni and making more friends at university which was good i just wish i met them earlier god bless that film party :-D. Graduating although it wasn't with the grade i wanted but that was not entirely down to me i felt like I was sidelined in terms of wanting help ... yeah tis a long story and could go on forever but it was something that definetly upset me at the time and as a result i felt like i was out of my depth and thought i was completely crap.
- What did I do this year that I'm really proud of? 
Well it would have to be the dissertation but most importantly it was probably learning from it in particular keeping my calm and not getting too stressed out  this is the same with work as well. 
- Who did I really help?
Umm i hope i helped everybody in my own way, i'm a really good listener so if anybody needs a shoulder or an ear to lend on they can come to me. Oh i helped work though hahaha working all those shifts.
- Who do I need to thank and acknowledge for having been there for me?
My mum 110% shes the one that sees me on my really down moments shes always believed i was clever and capable. Although i've had some horrible arguments with her and in particular Sam and Naddies have both helped me calm down about it and have always been a text message or an e-mail away.
- What are the top three lessons I learned?
*Absolutely no Regrets*
*Take each day as it comes*
*Madonna is a goddess* :-P
- What increased my happiness and joy this year?
Ok don't laugh
*The Wii* yes ok i get a lot of pleasure out of it
My friends
and.... myself... yes i actually myself have tried to stop kicking myself and being hard on meself and try and be happy everyday.
- What's something I got through that was really tough?
Nothing was really tough i guess discovering that my "friends" were really immature and were soooo not being friendly towards people that i care about. Seriously i don't hate them and i don't like them in fact i don't even care. The whole fiasco where they were just being difficult just made my blood boil and i really refrained from doing or saying anything cos i know thats what they would of wanted. I was just really surprised and taken aback by all what had been going on. 
- What did I avoid that I must pay more attention to in 2009?
My career plans i really must start getting myself out there a bit more oh and i also must try and date a bit as well hopefully no stalkish obsessive students. 
- What character trait did I develop most this year?
Being really irritatable i think its the job but now when someone just annoys me in the shops i just roll my eyes and tut its really bad i should begin becoming more tolerant
- What new people did I meet that are now in my life?
Everyone all my  friends from uni isie, toni, cays, becci and the gang. friends from work


I'm sooo lazy

that i haven't written on facebook for ages the shame of it i'm so lazy i can't even write down my thoughts and feeling on films/concerts/and life in general. Well today i felt compelled to write on my livejournal and its about two films i watched today both of which yes... were romantic.... BUT overall i felt they were touching and heartfelt even though the storyline of one film was outlandish dealing with magic etc and the other was too soooo romantically sugarcoated that it seemed realistically would be impossible. 
These two films are 

Howl's Moving Castle and You've Got Mail....

Now I've seen them sooo many times before and have loved it but today must be the 20th time i've seen these films and yet still feel compelled to see the ending...perhaps theres something within me that is desperate to see a happy ending on that is unrealistic heck maybe it is escapism from my dreary life haha. But one thing is for sure i think i could be 80 or 100 and still would be compelled to see these films and it'll still put a smile on my face.

oh and BBC showed the dub version of Howls i just hate that... sub not dub BBC grrrr...