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Sarah's Journal

Life is a box of chocolates...

17 October
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I am currently 22 my birthday is 17th October I am a Libra, yep i love Star Signs and astrology in fact I also love reading tarot cards as well.
I have just finished doing all my work for my Film Studies degree which was three years of complete maniac hard work but had fun at the same time thanks to some great friends. As you can guess i love film.
I have three siamese cats who i love more than anything, they are Tyler, Theo and Talia! I get bored very easily which is why i tend to start writing to occupy myself whether it is songs or stories I just love spending my time by being a tad bit creative.
I love seeing my favourite artists in concert I'm hoping to see everyone that i love in concert!!
i adore shopping i love going out and spotting a pair of fab shoes!! love bling bling as well girl gotta have some bling.
I adore dancing as well!! I not only used to go to Latin American dance classes but i also love dancing in clubs as well!!
I think that is everything about me... oh i guess i should say i watch alot of tv i mean alot... anything from CSI to Reality tv shows like Beauty and the Geek and the Next top model shows. I do love my what would be called American teen soaps as well like Smallville and One tree Hill.